Size: 20"x54"
     Weights up to 300kg/bale

     Standard Production Capacity: Up to 25 bales/hr
     Capacity up to 35 bales/hr available upon customer request

BALE SIZE: 20”X54”

Available with Bale Wrapping in the Box

Up to 25 Bales/Hour capacity
Bale Weight:  250 kg to 300 kg

The  Model LF2-2054 press is a high density, down-packing press capable of compressing up to 25 bales per hour with the ability of having the dressing and strapping done in the box.
The press is installed on the gin floor.  A service platform installed above the boxes provides access to most of the hydraulic controls.
The LF2-2054  Press is equipped with a hydraulic pusher and a hydraulic tramper.  The hydraulic pusher feeds the lint cotton into one box of the press and a hydraulic tramper packs a preset amount of cotton into the box.  When the preset amount of cotton is packed into the box, a hydraulic motor rotates the boxes 1800  for further packing of the lint cotton by the Ram into a bale.

The press operates in automatic mode. For maintenance purposes it may also be operated in the semi-automatic mode by the control buttons on the panel. 

In the automatic mode, the press operates fully automatic until the bale is ready for wrapping and strapping.  After the dressing is complete the operator pushes the Bale Eject button on the Press to eject the bale automatically. Then the operator again pushes the button on the press to lower the Ram Follower Block to put the new dressing on the follower block for the next bale.

By pushing the button on the control console the ram moves up and the box comes down to start the new automatic cycle .

Press operations are controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC ) System in the console.

     Bale Size: 20"x54"
      Weights up to 300kg/bale